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Magiska Festival 10.–13.07.2014

180514_magiska_3 Really looking forward to this!

Small little festival in eastern Switzerland – Bass, art, sunshine & friendly people.

With Baumeister, Justice Rivah, Melchizedek Hi-Powa, Kafi-D, Kids of the Stoned Age, Klangforscher, Just Buzz Bass, Shoudelistix, Tengu Collective & many, many, many more!

Grab your tickets now!
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Deep Roots #10 w/ Ras Kush (NYC)

060514_dprts10 Justice Rivah Sound System meets Ras Kush (Black Redemption/USA). Warm up by Hills’n’Valley.

Come early and with good vibrations!

Ras Kush all the way from Brooklyn / New York City, with a lot of fresh and special dub music! First time in the swiss-german area, so make ya ready for a big Deep Roots Dance!