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Deep Dark @ Frison

150403_deepDark We played last Saturday at the Fri-Son with Septentrio, Askemwhy?, Submajesty & Djiman. The full Tengu Crew, including our new Member C4TR, plus the full soundsystem and a brand new heavy sub amp made this trip a real pleasure! Like always the food & hospitality at the Fri-Son was excellent (fresh homemade pasta!), the crowd lovely & just everything about perfect. If every dance would be like this, soundsystem bizznezz would be a walk in the park!

And it was sooo dark! Check out the video ;)

Don’t miss our next, local, dance! 25th of april at the Rümpeltum. Tengu Soundsystem ft. Taiken, Flexible, Doppia Erre & Phunksta!


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