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Taiken – Mix for Bassmusik.ch / Podcast 004

TAIKEN – „Purified and poisoned waters“
Mix for Bassmusik.ch
Podcast 004
Strictly vinyl thing!

„Dubstep is alive, believe it or not. Since the beginning, many have tried putting the bass-beast in chains, to work and shape it in the way they liked. Some tried to make it slick and glamorous; others wanted it to be dark and gloomy. Once enchained it was crucified. Squeezing, hitting and spilling out to the charts let it bleed out and it soon started to fall apart.

But outside the mainstream where not too many hipsters could watch, Dubstep continued to live. A bodiless creature, yet full of soul and spirit continued to exist. In freedom, finally. With time. Time to exist. To be. To be there for you and me.

Taiken took his time, too. No midrange-saw-tooth-wobbles, no hyping. Inspired by culture, not demand. Skilled usage of tactful riddims and intense amounts of deep sublevel basspressure, best served on a decent soundsystem.

His mix feels light and breezy yet intense. Slow and heavy. Fuck yeah, exactly like it’s meant to be. You’re in space, stepping past anything that comes by. Eyes closed, feeling it. Feeling the vibe. Light vocals appear from time to time, just enough to generate the atmosphere for the dubs to unfold their magic.

Static crackles and the vinyl arises. This combination, this self-will of the records. Wonderful! A true homage to vinyl, the black gold of music.“

Download & listen to the full mix on Soundcloud.



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