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„Clash Of The Titans“ dubplate remixes out!


Up until now a strictly-for-the-dance, strictly exclusive dubplate followed by a bunch of Test Pressings in the hands of Mala, Pinch, Pev, Kowton and Beneath, with no digital version in circulation, this disc comes in the form of two sought-after remixes of the original Ishan Sound release.

For the A side Kahn offers a chest-beating, heavy steppers version. Meditative and commanding, yet aggressive and remorseless at the same time.

On the flip, Hodge refixes the track into a taut piece of true UK underground music. Clocking in at around 125bpm, it takes cues from the current strain of greyscale UK Funky interpretations and builds on it using traditional dub production techniques.

One for the DJs who want to inject that sense of dread back into their sets, and the soundsystem operators who are not afraid to go in hard.

Killah material! RWDFWD upfront exclusive! Vinyl only!


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