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Amit – Acid Trip (Tempa073)

Recently there was one release on Tempa with a different vibe than the current catalog. It was Amit’s „Acid Trip / Don’t forget your roots“, with that red mug shot politician on the label. On the first side there was this fast, psychedelic and hypnotic cerebral tumor of a tune called „Acid Trip“, an absolut dancefloor hype-out. And on the flip there was this totally surprising roots based tune, with all the elements that you recognize from the past. All in one: great release!

And now, i’ve found this video, showing us the „Acid Trip“. In a hard and straight way with a message clear as crystal. Music is our drug, thats the reason why you’re on this blog in the first way. Isn’t it?

If you keep your eyes open, there are so many examples (even in St. Gallen) where drugs can get you. Keep your mind straight, respect yourself and feel the music, not the poison, flowing through your body.

But watch out, music can cause some weird side effects, as you can see in the video. And btw some of you might recognize the record shop! ;)


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