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fraction No. 3 w/ Loxy, Inter, Deefa Mc, 6.December @ Grabenhalle

Fraction3-a6-web-390px_b Loxy_390 fraction
No.3 / «Uk-Culture»

For this edition of «fraction» the Tengu Collective joins forces with the well known local promoters Just Buzz Bass for setting a spotlight on Drum’n’Bass and 170 bpm sounds in the context of Uk’s Bass Music scene! Big thing!

Since 1990 london-bred Loxy aka Andrew Campell is on the road as a DJ. After all those years he still doesn’t give anything on the hype around his person, he makes music out of passion which you truly feel. Loxy started to make a name in the scene through his productions very fast. However, he puts it differently: «I see myself as a DJ first and then as a producer, but producing tracks I can play is what’s really motivating me». Loxys discography is a tour through Drum’n’Bass history. It’s the details that let his productions stand out: Beats that shatter your face rough and tough, insanely layered basslines and drums, progressive rhythms. His productions have different vibes from smooth clubrollers to deep dark holes on the dancefloor.

DJ Inter aka Elliot Wilkinson is a part of the Drum’n’Bass-Community for quite some time, releasing «Awareness» with Ant Miles from Ram Trilogy in 1995. Over the years he had different releases on Emotif Records and Suddef Def Recording which he founded 15 years ago. Inter is also the leading force behind «Def:inition» wich became one of London’s finests DnB-Raves. He organized events all over England and even internationally. His leading Event «Def:inition Soundclash» regularly fills venues with up to a thousand partypeoples.

Deefa Mc
Dubstep, Drum‘n‘Bass or HipHop – Deefa is a true MC showing love to Music. Since being elected best Newcomer MC in 2006 at the music4you-awards his career took off quickly. Shows in UKs finest locations such as Brixton Academy, Ministry of Sound, Bourenmouth Opera House, Bristol Academy and many more. Deefa constantly tours across Europe playing over 100 Gigs each year and hosted many big names in the DnB-Scene as Andy C, Goldie, Roni Size, Hype, Fabio, Subfocus, Netsky, Teebee, Bailey, … His enthusiasm for good music and his killer flow make him to one of the most important MCs.

Vodka & Phunksta
The local Drum‘n‘Bass defenders serve you a decent dish of their usual 170 bpm bass madness!

Taiken & Flexible
The well known local soundsystem operators expand the evenings sound policy with subheavy and exclusive Dubstep.

Freitag 6. Dezember 2013
Grabenhalle, 22:00 Uhr
Powered by the Tengu Soundsystem

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