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Lyrical Psycho Cd’s arrived!

header_tengu We are very happy to present you this joint project by Doppia erre from Zona167 & Taiken of the Tengu Collective / Tengu Soundsystem. The double cd is placed in a quality carton case and contains 32 heavy Tracks delivering you the best in hip hop and dub influenced bass music for the headz and soundsystem operators.

You can grab a copy via Zona167 online shop. for 20.- CHF including shipment. The digital release will be available on iTunes on the 6th of February. For all the people out there still loving the black cold – we will release a limited, hand-stamped & silkscreen printed vinyl. The Ep will contain 4 special cuts produced by Taiken and mastered in the lovely town of Bristol, Uk. Aiming straight at the dancefloor, those versions are made for heavy sound systems and serious low end!

There has also been a very nice article about our project in the swiss cultural magazine Saiten, check it out here.





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