by taiken

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Fresh Dubz / Steppas Choice

Fresh dubplates for the Tengu DUBZ BOX! A wonderfull dubby production by Flexible entitled „Rescue Dub“ – for heavy soundsystems & meditation. On the flip – „Mount Kailash“ – a tuff steppa by Taiken. All mastered & cut @ Dubtudio Bristol for best quality & handprinted with hand-carved stamps by Max Frischknecht. DIY culture!

Hear them badboyz tonight @ Steppas Choice >> FM Session: Cutkachi & Neo MDS alongside Taiken with a special dub & dubplate special! >> Usual Monday Night Bass Madness >> make sure you’re logged in logged on >> 19-23h CET >> 96.9FM in the greater Zurich Area >> www.radioradius.ch >> Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend! >> Bless‘ & One!



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